ERMANI BRICKET — universal briquette machine

ERMANI BRICKET is a universal hydraulic press. On order we make the forms that are necessary for the customer:

— Concrete clamps for reinforcement.
— Food briquettes: pressed food mixtures, tablets, food products.
— Briquetted salt (animal feed).
— Atrava for rodents. (in pill form).
— Pressed charcoal for a hookah.
— Other types of pressed products.

ERMANI BRICKET — for the production of briquettes. Examples:

ERMANI bricket-40AT

On the basis of ERMANI bricket-40AT press — production of atrava tablets for rodents. Used in agriculture. An important component for any farmer who has fields with orchards and other agricultural crops.






ERMANI bricket-20AT

Automatic press — based on ERMAI bricket-20AT — production of «Bombs for Baths» soap. This is fun for children and body skin care for adults. When you are a beginner entrepreneur, then, as a rule, you are in search of an idea that, with minimal investment, could provide you with a constant income.




ERMANI bricket-80AT

Automatic press —  ERMANI hiper-80AT on the basis of this press, was made for the production of Concrete clamps for reinforcement — Such embedded elements are several times stronger than plastic clamps, designed for large diameters of reinforcement. They do not break under heavy steel reinforcing frames, which makes them especially in demand in industrial and residential construction.


Appearance ERMANI bricket

The die — the punch is made of wear-resistant steel that can withstand hundreds of thousands of cycles when using the coarsest materials: sand, granite, crushed stone.

The frame of the ERMANI bricket equipment is compact and does not require additional adjustment work on the client’s premises.

The hydraulic components are assembled from proven global brands. Only high quality and reliable hydraulic valves, valves and accessories.

The heart of the equipment is the hydraulic cylinder, we pay special attention to the production of an important part. We use Italian rods and sleeves.

Intuitive and simple control menu. Any operator can start and operate the equipment by reading the start-up instructions.

Reliable inductive proximity sensors complete the task in a matter of milliseconds.

The molds (matrices) are made of special wear-resistant steel, which undergoes special processing and hardening for reliable long-term operation.

Video of the ERMANI bricket machine

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