W e b s i t e    i n    t h e    p r o c e s s    o f    u p d a t i n g   …

Equipment for the production of hyperpressed bricks

Equipment for the production of hyper-pressed BLOCK

Vibropress for the production of paving slabs, blocks and curbs

Equipment for the production of technoplankton and cake

Briquetting presses


We present to your attention the hyperpress ERMANI hiper-500AT — the most powerful hyperpress from the ERMANI series, for the production of concrete building products with high productivity. See details for technical information.

Hyperpress for the production of concrete building products:

Hyper-pressed hollow and solid brick, figured and with a torn surface, hyper-pressed building block, paving stones, hyper-pressed paving slabs, hyper-pressed curbs, and other types of products pressed by semi-dry hyper-pressing.


Multimatrix system: The hyperpress kit can start with one mold and end with an unlimited number of molds. For example:

Press for the production of only classic bricks.

Press for the production of hollow bricks, figured bricks, solid bricks — any type of brick with limited height adjustment up to 100mm.

A press for the production of bricks of any kind with the ability to adjust in height up to 100mm and above, with the possibility of producing a block of large sizes and a height of up to 200mm and above under the order. (see photo of 3D brick press 125x250x80 mm and building block 190x390x190 mm)


Additional forms for building products.

Only for ERMANI presses


Hyper-pressed building block — buildings will stand for centuries due to high quality pressed products.

Production advantages:

— The cost of production of a building hyperpressed block is lower than the production of a vibropressed block due to a decrease in the amount of cement in the composition: up to 5%, and at the same time, the strength of the product is two times higher due to high pressure pressing.

— In production, there is no need to use technological pallets. Products can be taken immediately from the desktop and stacked on a pallet for storage and subsequent sale.


Benefits of hyper-pressed building block:

— Facing appearance

— Perfectly even dimensions of the block in width, length and height.

— Clear, even edges of the product.

— The surface of the block has a beautiful graceful appearance.

— The grade (quality in terms of strength) of a hyper-pressed block is several times higher than that of vibro-pressed, vibro-cast and natural

Equipment in use by clients

Press for the production of technoplankton and cake

Briquetting press for all types of products

Equipment for pressing ceramics

Press for the production of concrete reinforcement clamps

Press for production of Bath Bomb 

Equipment for pressing tablets against rodents (and other)

Equipment for briquetting (pressing) cheese and other food products

Briquetting press for the production of salt briquettes for animals, baths and saunas

Press for the production of tablets for the dishwasher, and tabulation of various powders

Press for briquetting charcoal, coal coconut, coal stone

Waste briquetting press

ECO — production from ERMANI

Press for metallurgical chip pressing

Press for waste paper pressing (pressed paper, cardboard)

Press for pressing films, pet bottles and other plastic containers

Press for pressing waste shavings, bark, hay, sawdust

Equipment for the production of fuel briquettes

Press ERMANI BK-600 is designed for the production of fuel briquettes. Briquettes are made from dry waste from timber and woodworking industries, as well as from other suitable raw materials.

Packing press for ecowool

The ERMANI-ECO press is designed for packaging ecowool in polyethylene bags to save on the transportation of this product.

The demand for cotton wool made from cellulose, which is also called ecowool, is growing every year. It fills voids and cracks during the construction and repair of houses and apartments, because this material has a number of useful properties: fire resistance; thermal insulation properties; profitability; moisture resistance.

Rolling machine for profile

Rolling machine ERMANI-Profil

It is used for profiling sheets and profiles of hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, and brass alloys.

It is manufactured at our production facilities according to the technical specifications of the customer.

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