ERMANI mixer — designed for thorough mixing of ordinary and semi-dry heavy mixes, as well as mortars.

A forced-type concrete mixer is used in the technological lines of concrete plants and mortar units, as well as on construction sites.

The volume of the mixing tank is from 150 liters to 3000 liters, depending on the required capacity of the unit or turnkey line.


ERMANI conveyor — vertical — tank for transporting ready-made mortar, which comes from the mortar mixer and is transported to the loading hopper of the vibropress.

— horizontal — serves to move the finished product from the press to the racks, elevator, or to conveniently remove the product for storage.

Dry, semi-dry mortar during transportation has a high load on the conveyor due to its weight and density. Therefore, mortar conveyor belts have a reinforced frame, roller bearings, conveyor belt to cope with the load.


ERMANI vibrosieve — Vibrating sieve is used for separating sand into coarse and finer ones, removing unnecessary stones, various debris and other inclusions. Sifted sand is most often used in the preparation of building cement mixtures.

ERMANI guillotine

ERMANI guillotine — Guillotine knife for splitting bricks, paving stones, concrete blocks, paving slabs. The splitting guillotine is designed for quick and easy cutting of various concrete products without noise, dust and electricity.

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